(San Giorgio su Legnano) – The 59th Campaccio was exciting as ever and maybe even more. 1639 athletes registered in the different categories running during the day. But the highlight of the day was the Ethiopian Imane Merga that with a final sprint won the cross of San Giorgio su Legnano, second stage of the circuit Iaaf Country Permit Meeting.

First woman the Kenyan Alice Aprot in 18’56” setting the news record of the race (18’59” by the Ethiopian Ayelew Hiwot in 2014).

First among Italians the Carabiniere Stefano La Rosa, seventh in 29’29”, after battling for several laps the young Yeman Crippa who also tried to pass him in the last kilometre without success. La Rosa prevailed probably because his major experience. The young runner of Ethiopian origin still made a good race, finishing eighth in 29’30” at his first Campaccio among the top runners.

Men’s race far from the record by Ebuya in 2011 (28’15”), but still exciting, from start to end, with the group of African athletes leading the first six positions and making the pace. Last lap run at high rhythm, with Imane Merga trying for the victory, staying in the front of the group in the turn and up the hills surrounding the stadium Angelo Alberti, pushing to made the gap, followed close by the Ethiopian Hasin Haji and the Kenyan Jairus Birech. In the final sprint, Merga is the most brilliant and win the Campaccio for the first time after the third place in 2014. Second with the same time in 28’50” Hasin Haji, third Jairus Birech in 28’54”.

In the women’s race, the start was slow with the African athletes safely remaining in the end of the group.  The triathlete Sara Dossena makes the pace, she will finish tenth in 20’23”, third among Italians. Yet in the second lap Aprot, Jebet, Masai, Cherono take the lead making an exciting race with the support of an applauding audience. The final sprint is not fast as the men’s one but still effective. Following Alice Aprot is Ruth Jebet from Bahrain in 19’01”, third Linet Masai in 19’02”.

First Italian at the finish line is Veronica Inglese seventh in 19’59”: “It was my second time at Campaccio after 2011 when I was an under 23. As I said, this was my first real competition after I came back. From today it is a new era and this satisfying result confirm that my condition is improving. Now I’ am more confident for the race I will compete in a few days in Edinburgh and for the rest of the season and I hope to represent Italy both in the European championship and the Olympics in Brazil”. 

Another edition is archived but the Us Sangiorgese guided by Claudio Pastori never stops and with   Sergio Meraviglia, leading the committee since more than thirty years, is already planning the 60th edition, that will take place Friday 6th January 2017.

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